A Voice of Reason

A Voice of Reason

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Can civilization survive the 21st century? Professor Ian Lowe, author, pre-eminent scientist and president of the Australian Conservation Foundation, thinks we have a chance--but we have to act now, and not just on global warming. Here, collected for the first time, are Lowe's views on topics that concern all Australians--the environment, culture, science, politics, education, technology and the economy, along with new pieces on Australia's outlook this century. Written in Lowe's accessible and engaging style, this collection of essays and opinion pieces is a resource for change based on common sense rather than fear-mongering. Informative, challenging and incisive, A Voice of Reason: Reflections on Australia will inspire you to make a difference.... from a proposed reactor was based on an assumption that 1 per cent of the radiation would escape thecontainment vessel. ... There is an obvious parallel in permissible bloodalcohol levels fordrivers. ... Senate committee denying the link between smoking and healthrisks, adenial straight fromthe tobacco industry manual.

Title:A Voice of Reason
Author:Ian Lowe
Publisher:Univ. of Queensland Press - 2011-04-01


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