A Well-Rounded Love Affair

A Well-Rounded Love Affair

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In America, there is one divorce every thirteen seconds. That's 6, 646 divorces per day and 46, 523 divorces per week. Why is the divorce rate so high? Are people getting married too soon and not getting to really know each other first, or are couples throwing in the towel on their marriage without truly trying? When God ordained the marriage of a man and a woman, He never said it would be easy, because it involves the union of two imperfect people, blending together with their own imperfections. Marriage is not a fairy tale, with a qhappily ever afterq ending. However, it is a union that requires two people working together daily at becoming one and developing the ability to recognize the attacks of the enemy. In A Well-Rounded Love Affair, you will learn how to focus on specific areas to help your relationship blossom. Some of the important areas are: - Covering your marriage with prayer - Learning to forgive - Realizing selfish love can't thrive - You and your spouse working together to become one Through your reading, you will further see that it will take more than intimacy to hold your marriage together.These things make the difference between a relationship thata#39;s nurturing and one thata#39;s falling apart. I love to give things to my husband that hea#39;s not expecting. Ita#39;s nothing for ... No matter whata#39;s going on in our day, we need to take the time to think about how we can brighten our partnera#39;s lives. We dona#39;t know ... Your thoughts of good times and sensual times should raise your eyebrows. Realize that weanbsp;...

Title:A Well-Rounded Love Affair
Author:Danny & Rhoda Whitfield
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2014-01


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