A Woman’s Guide to the Male Mind

A Woman’s Guide to the Male Mind

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A Womana€™s Guide to the Male Mind is the indirect result of a blog that I wrote in 2005 a€“ a€œHow Do You Tell If a Guy Fancies You?a€ The article was so popular, receiving more than 70 replies from women with lots more questions, that I launched my web site www.seducemen.co.uk. Since then, most of the advice Ia€™ve given in hundreds of published articles was based on my own experiences and those of my friends. To write the book, however, I adopted a more scientific approach. I performed a significant amount of research into recent discoveries by anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists and biochemists on topics ranging from basic sexual attraction to personality type and male/female communications strategies. Ita€™s my belief, therefore, that A Womana€™s Guide to the Male Mind features the best of two worlds: common sense opinions backed by solid empirical evidence. By helping ladies understand the male point of view with regard to sex, dating and relationships; I hope to eliminate the senseless conflicts that so often erupt between lovers and would-be lovers. Once you understand a few fundamentals about the male mind and male behaviour, you will stop thinking of men as inscrutable blockheads and primitive misfits. You will no longer regard them as you would a small, nasty child a€“ or an alien race. Arming yourself with the wisdom in this book, youa€™ll increase your odds of finding happiness and harmony in romantic relationships, and you will help ensure that this bliss lasts a lifetime. By the time a man reaches maturity, he has passed through four evolutionary stages in his attitude toward women and relationships. Ita€™s very important to understand a€“ and identify a€“ these four stages, because it will save you from wasting time on guys who arena€™t ready for serious romance.Table. of. Contents. INTRODUCTION VII CHAPTER 1: LOOKS ARE IMPORTANT 1 Personality Can Trump Looks 3 Attractive Clothes, Makeup aamp; Body Language 6 Basic Personality Traits that Men Find Attractive 10 CHAPTER 2: DOES HEanbsp;...

Title:A Woman’s Guide to the Male Mind
Author:Sam Geraldo
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-01-14


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