A Workbook on Human Spermatozoa and Assisted Conception

A Workbook on Human Spermatozoa and Assisted Conception

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This is the 1st edition of the book A Workbook on Human Spermatozoa and Assisted Conception. The text is comprehensive, updated and fully revised as per the present day requirements in the subject of assisted conception. The book has 17 chapters classified into twelve sections. The first chapter deals with equipments and culture media used in semen analysis. Subsequent two chapters are computer assisted semen analysis which provides a comprehensive description of human semen analysis with the help of well-illustrated diagrams in a user friendly language. A sound foundation of understanding of sperm morphology and semen preparation is provided in the next three chapters giving details of semen ejaculate, semen extract and semen preparation of infected semen sample in simple text and easy to understand illustrations along with recent advances. Oxidative stress test is described in chapter 10. The chapter 11 to 14 deal with different tests done on sperms. Chapter fifteen describes Oocyte spindle imaging system. The chapter 16th and 17th deal with semen banking and vitrification. A comprehensive index is given at last.Add the sperm to the pre-hydrated microdot in a volume equal to or greater than that used to prehydrate the dot ... As time passes, the number of bound sperm will increase as more swimming sperm make contact with the hyaluronan microdot.

Title:A Workbook on Human Spermatozoa and Assisted Conception
Author:Sonia Malik, Ashok Agarwal


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