A Wrongful Death

A Wrongful Death

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Who knew that being a Good Samaritan would lead Barbara Holloway to face her biggest challenge ever: being named prime suspect in a high-profile kidnapping? The peace and quiet of Barbara's retreat on the Oregon coast is shattered when a terrified young boy calls to her as she walks along a deserted beach. Frantically he leads her to a cabin deep in the woods where his mother lies senseless and battereda€”clearly left for dead. Barbara runs for help, but by the time she returns with the police and medics both mother and son are gone. The puzzle only deepens when, back in the city, Barbara learns that the boy she met is the grandson of a wealthy and prominent familya€” and that they have accused her of aiding and abetting his disappearance. With the help of her father, Frank, Barbara delves into the mystery of the missing child, only to realize that the kidnapping is a ruse for a more sinister plana€”a plan that pits the meaning of family against cold hard cash. But the more she learns, the more questions she has, and troubling obstacles continue to thwart her every movea€”from the justice system that employs her, to the false identities of those around her. Yet none of these things compares to the shocking murder scene that awaits her.a€œWhat we thought we might do, a€ Shelley said, a€œis ask you and your dad to come out for dinner, have a teeny party here, and put you up for the night. Alex found ... Alex wants to show off his newest skilla€”bread making. He makes ... The watchdog sprawled in front of the fire, pretending to sleep, but his ears twitched now and then, making it clear that he was working ... Today, Shelley had said, she and Elizabeth were making dinner, and the next day Dr. Minnick and Alex would take over.

Title:A Wrongful Death
Author:Kate Wilhelm
Publisher:MIRA - 2007-09-01


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