Aaker on Branding

Aaker on Branding

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Aaker on Branding presents in a compact form the twenty essential principles of branding that will lead to the creation of strong brands. Culled from the six David Aaker brand books and related publications, these principles provide the broad understanding of brands, brand strategy, brand portfolios, and brand building that all business, marketing, and brand strategists should know. Aaker on Branding is a a€œgo-toa€ source for how you create and maintain strong brands and synergetic brand portfolios. It provides a checklist of strategies, perspectives, tools, and concepts that represents not only what you should know but also what action options should be on the table. When followed, these principles will lead to strong, enduring brands that both support business strategies going forward and create coherent and effective brand families. Those now interested in and involved with branding are faced with information overload, not only from the Aaker books but from others as well. It is hard to know what to read and which elements to adapt. There are a lot of good ideas out there but also some that are inferior, need updating, or are subject to being misinterpreted and misapplied. And there are some ideas that, while plausible, are simply wrong if not dangerousa€”especially if taken literally. Aaker on Branding offers a sense of topic priorities and a roadmap to David Aakera€™s books, thinking, and contributions. As it structures the larger literature of the brand field, it also advances the theory of branding and the practice of brand management and, by extension, the practice of business management.In 2009, Ford Fiesta wanted to create awareness and consideration among millennials for a 2011 model based on a European design. ... During each month of the half-year program, each a€œagenta€ completed a theme mission that Ford devised and described their experience ... The website is a place where participants, their friends, and supporters can find out about the race, the schedule, the process ofanbsp;...

Title:Aaker on Branding
Author:David Aaker
Publisher:Morgan James Publishing - 2014-02-01


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