Abcs That Make Cents

Abcs That Make Cents

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pDO YOU KNOW YOUR ABCs TO FINANCES? Are you able to make dollars and sense out of them? Does your family have financial independence? If you answered qnoq to any of these questions, then qABCs that make centsq is just for you. It is essential for everyone to apply these ABCs to their own money management system. You will learn how to apply the knowledge and translate it to your own personal life, your children and everyone in your family; it's as simple as 1-2-3. If you do not learn this at an early age, then you and your family could miss out on various opportunities needed in order to survive and succeed financially in these times. qABCs that make centsq will provide ways for you to manage your finances, ways to enforce budgeting and saving and ways to set goals to build wealth. The instructions provided are for you to carry forward and follow daily. The direction for the parent is to have funds for rainy days, emergencies, special occasions, big events and retirement. As a family, you will learn special techniques that will be amusing for the adult and entertaining for your children of all ages. These tools are crucial for your future well- being and for the name sake of your youngsters. Allow qABCs that make centsq to help you get up, stay up and initiate ascending up to higher financial grounds. This book is definitely a Godsend. Stop stumbling at base level zero and start climbing to financial wealth by using the ABCs detailed in this book. Quotes regarding my book: You are about to embark on a voyage into monetary enlightenment. Enjoy your journey. You will be rewarded. J. David Spiceland, PhD, CPA, Professor of Accountancy. Cynthia's publication comes at a great time when people are in need of professional advice concerning their finances. She has hit a home-run. Laurence V. Plummer, Sr., President, Plummer Financial Services, LLC. Cynthia has done an excellent job of capturing my weakness when it comes to my motivation to spend... I'm elated with the solutions she offers and I will make sure all of my friends and family have a copy of this book. Marilyn Kelley, Business Instructor and friend - Dallas, Texas. qABCs that make centsq has practical tools; it's filled with great ideas to building a successful financial plan for your family, needed especially during these economic times. Christine Shipman, CPS - Miami, Florida.There is the direct deposit, a live check, a debit card and of course, the old fashioned way a€” cash. ... Therefore, if your company has direct deposit then I suggest that you use that process. If your company does not have direct deposit and you cannot keep money for long, then you can take advantage of several other optionsanbsp;...

Title:Abcs That Make Cents
Author:Cynthia Elliott, Cpa, Cynthia Elliott Cpa
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-10-01


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