Abstract Machine Models for Parallel and Distributed Computing

Abstract Machine Models for Parallel and Distributed Computing

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Annotation Abstract Machine Models have played a profound though frequently unacknowledged role in the development of modern computing systems. They provide a precise definition of vital concepts, allow system complexity to be managed by providing appropriate views of the activity under consideration, enable reasoning about the correctness and quantitative performance of proposed problem solutions, and encourage communication through a common medium of expression. Abstract Models in Parallel and Distributed computing have a particularly important role in the development of contemporary systems, encapsulating and controlling an inherently high degree of complexity. The Parallel and Distributed computing communities have traditionally considered themselves to be separate. However, there is a significant contemporary interest in both of these communities in a common hardware model; a set of workstation-class machines connected by a high-performance network. The traditional Parallel/Distributed distinction therefore appears under threat.The ADT is currently being implemented on the Fujitsu AP1000 at Imperial College. ... in two well-known parallel applications a€” the heat transfer problem and Fast Multipole Method for simulating n-body interaction. We aim to demonstrate the power and versatility of the data abstraction in solving problems of this type andanbsp;...

Title:Abstract Machine Models for Parallel and Distributed Computing
Author:M. Kara, J. R. Davy, D. Goodeve
Publisher:IOS Press - 1996-01-01


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