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It's a pleasant summer afternoon in the Gulf Stream, twenty-five miles off Hutchinson Island on Florida's east coast. NOAA scientist Dr. Eve Larsen is about to prove she has the answers to global warming, and the solution to stopping killer storms across the planet. She is a part of a multi-trillion dollar, multinational project to farm clean, endless energy from the oceans' currents--and alter the planet's weather for the better. At that moment, contract killer Brian DeCamp walks into the Hutchinson Island Nuclear Power Station, aiming to cause a meltdown so catastrophic it'll make Chernobyl seem like nothing. Security cam footage leads to an intervention by legendary former CIA director Kirk McGarvey, who manages to thwart the catastrophe...but the failed sabotage sets off a chain of events more terrifying than McGarvey could ever have imagined. With Big Oil ruthlessly hunting for profit after the BP disaster in the Gulf, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.... sort of thinking, and anyway he wasna#39;t ready. Later. a€œDoes anyone know whoa#39;s supposed to be on duty down there?a€ he asked. a€œStan Kubansky is the shift super , a€ Strasser said. a€œAnd if there really is a problem, it sure as hell wasna#39;t him thatanbsp;...

Author:David Hagberg
Publisher:Macmillan - 2011-06-21


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