Academy Method: Introduction to Teacher Training

Academy Method: Introduction to Teacher Training

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The Academy Method was designed by Dame Margot Fonteyn and Ken Ludden over 12 years. The instructor certification program gives them international certification to teach in this method. This book covers the basic principles of the Academy Method. Review: qqKen Ludden's teaches the fundamentals of ballet and all movement, and is groundbreaking and life changing! He works with the truth of movement...teaches to express through movement. He covers the step and how to execute it, then clearly explains the WHY for each exercise as it relates to center work and choreography. This book lays out how to build a dancer from the moment they enter the studio until they hit the stage as a professional. Try to see Ken's live lectures as well and study with him. He is a Master!qq -Autumn MathisenThe fact that the body balances can be directly applied to dance, for when the body is put into a position, the body will automatically ... So when we demand of our body to perform a pirouette, the question of balance should be moot; but it isna#39; t.

Title:Academy Method: Introduction to Teacher Training
Author:Ken Ludden - 2014-07-07


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