Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design

Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design

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Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design (isbn# 9780972731775) was created as a textile design tutorial. In our book you will learn step by step techniques for creating color combinations, color reduction, repeats, tonal (watercolor) designs and simple woven effects for textiles. using Adobe Photoshop. With the book we also include a CD with Color charts and practice images. The book Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design is a collection of lessons that progress from simple everyday techniques and settings to more advanced techniques that will enable the designer to tackle the most challenging design work. Everything is explained in a simple uniform manner so that nothing is overwhelming to the textile designer just learning computer aided design and so that the more experienced designer can grasp key concepts more quickly. Origin inc. is a textile design studio that uses Adobe PhotoshopAc for its designing exclusively. As with any design software there are many ways to achieve the desired end effects. Our book qAdobe Photoshop for Textile Designq provides instructions on many tried and true textile design techniques that the Origin inc. design studio uses every day. Photoshop for Textile Design is self published by Origin inc. It's 219 pages of tutorials and is spiral bound for ease of use. As equally important as the book itself is the CD that's included with the book. It contains practice images that correspond to the lessons in the book. These include weaves, textile images to color reduce, bodies a objects to photo drape textiles on and 36 pages of color charts so that you can match colors accurately. More then just a tutorial Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design is a complete learning system. Instructions are given for Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) however this book will work well with Adobe Photoshop versions 7.0 through CS6.This file can be found in the folder called CHANNELS on the CD that came with this book. ... Now in the spirit of kindness and compassion, Ia#39;ve put this design into repeat and separated it into spot channels for you ... However because ita#39;s smaller, your computer should have less problems working with it. ... Never forget that creating screen separations is an artform and that youa#39;re interpretation of how this design should be screen separated may be different than my interpretation.

Title:Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design
Author:Frederick L Chipkin
Publisher:Origin inc - 2014-04-20


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