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Luke Duncan has never been able to turn away when he was needed. That's why he became a veterinarian, and now cares for three dogs, two cats, a raccoon, snakes, ducks...but children? Luke hadn't considered parenthood before, but when he finds three orphaned kids, he can't just walk away. Now all he has to do is convince Social Services that a single man would make a great foster parent.... Social worker Kealey Fitzpatrick firmly believes that taking in a childa€”not to mention threea€”shouldn't be undertaken as lightly as picking up milk at the store. Raised in foster homes herself, she knows the importance of belonging to a stable and loving family. And yet the more time Kealey spends with the kids, she realizes they've already adopted Luke as their dad. The only thing a mommy.To make up for all the forgotten ones. Kealey touched the pearl teardrop earrings Luke had given her the year before then lowered her fingers to the string of pearls Jane ... Jane smoothed the veil, lifting it to trail over the back of the satin dress.

Author:Bonnie K. Winn
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-10-01


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