Adrift in the Deep

Adrift in the Deep

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Many people have heard the stories of poverty and suffering in another country. Some countries have to live in a dictatorship with no chance of freedom. Other countries are always at war, and are in constant fear that they might die in the night. My story is the story of Cuba. The country that I live for, and die for with each and every breath that I take. My story is a story of love, a love for my country a love for my family and a love for freedom. My story is a story of hate, hate for my country and hate for the reluctance to conform. My story is a story of pain, pain in my country, pain in my family and pain with my desire to dream. This is my story, my journey, and my pain. For my story there are thousands and thousands of Cuban stories that have not been told, all of them different however all of them with one thing in common...the pain.He would tell me that he had to make some money for himself so he had to work on other cars that were paying him labor. ... Myself because the car wasna#39;t fixed and my friend because he thought that the mechanic was just not going to fix the car at all. ... The mechanica#39;s face turned to a harsh angry look and said to my friend, a€œIf you are not the mechanic, and this isna#39;t your car, then shut your mouth.

Title:Adrift in the Deep
Author:Jacinto Infante-Olano
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2013-07


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