Adult Stem Cells

Adult Stem Cells

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Adult Stem Cells, second edition, takes a critical look at issues concerning the developmental or differentiation potential for a variety of tissue types and for specific adult stem cell types. Since the first edition appeared a decade ago, our understanding of adult stem cells, and more specifically tissue-specific adult stem cells, has advanced tremendously. And an increased interest in regenerative medicine and potential stem cell applications has driven a quest for better understanding of stem cell biology. In turn, this has spawned much activity on generation and utilization of more and better reagents to identify and isolate stem cells and stem cell-like subpopulations, and on assays elucidating their developmental or differentiation potential and functional integration with host tissues and organs. In this fully updated new edition, chapters cover topics ranging from signaling pathways maintaining stemness in hematopoietic cells to regeneration after injury and endocrine mechanisms underlying the stem cell theory of aging. Other chapters cover stem cells by organ or system including pituitary, cardiac, epithelial, teeth, lung, ovary, prostate, liver, and many more. Importantly, the authors of the chapters have not only summarized their successes, but have also summarized some of the difficulties that each particular field is still facing with respect to maximizing the utility of stem cells in clinical settings. Collectively, they impart both the excitement and challenges facing stem cell utilization for repair and regeneration making this book essential reading for those involved in stem cell research as well as those involved in clinical assays.The expression of NANOG in normal ovaries and in borderline ovarian tumors may assist in the early detection and improved prognosis of ... model of ovarian tumor heterogeneity in which only a small proportion of cells among biologically distinct populations can initiate tumor growth [39]. ... Most therapies are directed at the fast-growing ovarian tumor mass, but not the slow-dividing cancer stem cells.

Title:Adult Stem Cells
Author:Kursad Turksen
Publisher:Springer Science & Business - 2014-04-16


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