Advanced Chemistry

Advanced Chemistry

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The authors of Advanced Chemistry have referred to original research papers to check facts, and highly original artwork has been devised to ensure accuracy and clarity. This text also includes computer-generated graphics to bring molecular chemistry alive. With full mathematical support within the -maths boxes' and at the end of the book, Advanced Chemistry will inspire and support students.... form molecules, many non-metal atoms share electrons in order to have eight electrons in their outermost (valence) shells. ... Lewis called it the octet rule because atoms share electrons in order to achieve eight electrons in their valence shells. ... nitrogen must share three pairs of electrons with hydrogen atoms to bring the total population of its valence shell up ... Double bonds A carbon atom has four electrons in the valence shell and so needs to share a total of four electron pairs.

Title:Advanced Chemistry
Author:Michael Clugston, Rosalind Flemming
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2000-06-08


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