Advanced Color Image Processing and Analysis

Advanced Color Image Processing and Analysis

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This volume does much more than survey modern advanced color processing. Starting with a historical perspective on ways we have classified color, it sets out the latest numerical techniques for analyzing and processing colors, the leading edge in our search to accurately record and print what we see. The human eye perceives only a fraction of available light wavelengths, yet we live in a multicolor world of myriad shining hues. Colors rich in metaphorical associations make us a€œpurple with ragea€ or a€œgreen with envya€ and cause us to a€œsee red.a€ Defining colors has been the work of centuries, culminating in todaya€™s complex mathematical coding that nonetheless remains a work in progress: only recently have we possessed the computing capacity to process the algebraic matrices that reproduce color more accurately. With chapters on dihedral color and image spectrometers, this book provides technicians and researchers with the knowledge they need to grasp the intricacies of todaya€™s color imaging.The history related to the five up-to-date CIE-recommended colour-difference formulas is reviewed, with special ... the research activities carried out by different CIE Technical Committees (e.g., CIE TCa#39;s 1-55, 1-57, 1-63, 1-81 and 8-02), theanbsp;...

Title:Advanced Color Image Processing and Analysis
Author:Christine Fernandez-Maloigne
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-07-11


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