Advanced Physics for You

Advanced Physics for You

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Advanced Physics for You has been carefully designed to be inviting, interesting and motivating to the student, with features that make it highly supportive of individual learning. It fully covers the new AS-Level and core topics of all A2 specifications.Solving circuit problems Take care when solving circuit problems using the equation V = I X R. Be clear whether the values you put into ... Example 5 A supply of e.m.f. 4 V and internal resistance 1 ft is connected to two resistors as shown in the original circuit diagram. ... Use: a€” = a€” + a€” 1 R 1- R R 1 Ri 1 4 3n l R2 J- 12 for the parallel combination 3 + 1 _4- 12 ~ 12 where R is the total external resistance.

Title:Advanced Physics for You
Author:Keith Johnson, Simmone Hewett, Sue Holt, John Miller
Publisher:Nelson Thornes - 2000


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