Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Mind

Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Mind

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The past decade has witnessed an exciting (and controversial) new approach to philosophy: Experimental philosophers aim to supplement, and perhaps to supplant, traditional philosophical approaches by employing empirical methods from the social sciences. In Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Mind, leading experimental philosophers apply these methods to questions about the nature of the mind, the self, consciousness, moral judgment, and concepts. By bringing empirical methods to bear on key issues, Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Mind pushes the debates forward, casting new insight on perennial problems. This is an essential resource for professors, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates interested in either philosophy of mind or the burgeoning field of experimental philosophy.Wood Chipper. You are a judge presiding over a civil court case. The plaintiff, Mr Singer, lost his arm to a wood chipper. ... Furthermore, ACME would not protest the judgment, since it would cost more in legal fees to appeal than simply to pay the damages. ... Hiring. You are a manager at a high-tech company. Along with the regular workers there are two interns, Kate and Helen. ... But the job does not involve working with others and Helen is actually the more qualified applicant.

Title:Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Mind
Author:Justin Sytsma
Publisher:A&C Black - 2014-03-27


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