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William Foxa€™s writing for the last several years has been focused on how we construct aerial views, either physically (by flying) or in our imaginations. In Aereality, he flies over earthworks in Nevada and Utah, soars through the worlda€™s largest open pit mine, and surveys Los Angeles, circumnavigating large swaths of true American urban sprawl. On the East Coast, he examines the elevated art of the Hudson River Valley and New York City. And finally, in Australia, Fox examines the history and current practice of both Euro-Australian and Aboriginal aerial views, and searches for the cognitive roots of our aerial imagination. Accompanying Fox throughout his travels is a rolling cast of enlightened fliers: geographers, museum curators, landscape photographers, anthropologists, and artists. He traverses the sky in prop planes, helicopters, and hot air balloons, all with the ultimate goal of knowing and experiencing the earth from the air.Sydney: Self-published chapbook, 2001. a€”a€”a€”. ... a€œOn Seeing and Old Country from the Air.a€ Lecture given at ... Haynes, Roslynn D. Seeking the Centre: The Australian Desert in Literature, Art and Film. ... Kent Town, South Australia: Wakefield Press, 2007. King ... approved/adt-NUN20060116.112542/public/ 02whole.pdf.

Author:William Fox
Publisher:Counterpoint - 2009-05-01


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