Jesus and Mary Jesus and Mary

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This collection of short stories examines the lives of five very different men as they study for the priesthood and experience seminary life. Affectionately ... in Jesus and Mary presents a collection of related short stories about the lives of five very different men. Each man is studying for the priesthood, but they approach their seminary studies very differently. The stories chronicle the day-to-day sacred, secular, holy, sinful, heroic, and petty thoughts, words, and deeds of the five men as they journey through each of the stages of training and formation that culminate in ordination into the priesthood. Vinnie Lauter tries to account for his need to always be the center of attention, even in the seminary. Eddie Moszka wonders if being a virgin is a blessing or a curse, while JV Delancey constantly struggles with religious obedience and with the demands of community living in the seminary. Jay Kenny increasingly feels that Thomism, the official philosophy and theology of the Catholic Church, has strapped him in an emotional and intellectual straightjacket. The saintly and scholarly Sean Saint-Jean, although he has personally reconciled Christianity and evolution, struggles with the ban on teaching and publishing on the topic. These stories delve into a private world that is normally hidden from view, exploring the lives of mena€”whether admirable or blameworthya€”who inhabit this world.How long has it been since youa#39;ve eaten at White Castle? I think the hamburgers there are still only thirteen cents apiece. Do you remember how in the days before you went away to the seminary we would go out driving almost every Sundayanbsp;... Jesus and Mary
Author:Edward Makuta
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-03-31


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