Afraid to Read the Bible?

Afraid to Read the Bible?

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This book covers many interesting items that are in the Bible, as the author is trying to get you, the reader, to start or get back into reading your Bible. A lot of people do not know of all the scientific items in the Bible, as they read way too fast and miss reading these items. Also, this book covers some of the problems people have had trying to read the Bible. Or were they just too lazy to read as they thought it was too hard? The author is trying to get you to read your Bible and strengthen your faith and become a better Christian, and to find God and his only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.2) How many children do you have? 3) If you adopted a child, did you decide on the country to find that child? ... book is a book of riddles, but I go along with a few that say it is a book of symbols and as you read I believe you will also see this.

Title:Afraid to Read the Bible?
Author:Grampa Ed
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2010-03-05


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