African Cuisine

African Cuisine

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Recipes African preparations are absolutely details and characteristics of the territory, which symbolize, along with the ingredients and cooking methods, the deep gastronomic culture of this wonderful as magical and fascinating nation of the World. Usually Recipes African ingredients have absolutely simple and great taste, such as, for example, fresh fruits, vegetables and fish; a place of honor is then reserved for the meat, with a large predominance of lamb, present in many typical preparations. We list below some of the recipes given in this volume: Babaghanouj Baghrir - CrAope the thousand holes Bobotie Boerwors Canja de galinha Chapati Couscous with seafood Beans with coconut and coriander Falafel Falafei to Ta'mia Guarn ogh zal harira Helva with Saffron Injera Egyptians rolls Kalluun Keskesou Khabar koeksisters kofta koshariThe Harissa, which in Arabic means aquot;crushedaquot;, has a bright red color, and is used to flavor many dishes Africans. ... them with the other ingredients, or put everything in a blender, and add as much oil as it takes to make a very thick cream.

Title:African Cuisine
Author:The Master Chef
Publisher:Edizioni R.E.I. - 2014-12-04


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