After Attraction: Relationships Are Simple, Right?

After Attraction: Relationships Are Simple, Right?

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No one needs another advice book from a relationship a€œexperta€ to take up more space in our homes and hearts, in the opinion of author Jarray Davis. If advice is all we need then the market for these books would have been closed after the first one was publisheda€”because we'd have all the information that we needed! If you ask Jarray why we can't experience consistent relationship success, his answer will be simple: We never understood relationships in the first place! After Attraction: Relationships Are Simple, Right makes clear all pieces and stages of relationships so that you walk away feeling ready to take on a new relationship or improve an existing relationship. He makes clear the answers to questions like: why people cheat in happy relationships; why sex is so important; and why titles have different meanings to both people in the relationship.There are people that are naturally distrustful and come into the relationship with that baggage. ... They do not know whether or not you are cheating, because youa#39; ve given them no indication, but there is a possibility ... Ita#39;s almost like a person that is so overly concerned about getting the last word or having the last laugh.

Title:After Attraction: Relationships Are Simple, Right?
Author:Jarray Davis
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-08-20


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