After September

After September

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This is a sequel to, When September Comes. A story based partially on life about a family who had for generations lost their women to a genetic flaw. Helen Coulson-Kovac had not only inherited the gene, but like her mother, would push into her subconscious the knowledge of dying young. Curiously, this feat enabled her to see humor in ordinary things as she tried to compress a lifetime of joy into few precious years. Motherless at seventeen, a coming of age experience with an out-of-town stranger completely devastated the deeply moral Helen. Morality however, had to be put aside when her lover vanished and she had to find another to play father to her unborn child. Helen found that there are times when a human flaw can become a gratuity from a Higher Source. Few however, can know which mistake might actually enrich our lives. If we did, weAad experiment with making them and have fun too. No matter how she tried, Helen could never forget her first love. Aside the diverse tangents that play a role in her remarkable life, how she goes about the task of separating fantasy from reality, is what this love story is about. Like most chronicles, this one encompasses the joy of growing up, the mysterious stirring of first love, and the inevitable heartache that touches most of us. How a valiant woman and the man she loves, confronts her predestined fate can make this an epic not easily forgotten.Compared to his last job, this one should be a snap. a€œI have ... She smiled. a€œYou can have them if you like.a€ Frank did not miss the way her eyes sparkled when she smiled. The soft curve of her mouth also held promise. He realized he ... a€œ Until I get the prices from the manufacturer, I can only give you the co st of installation.

Title:After September
Author:Andrew J. Salat
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2002-06-01


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