Age Past: The Incian Sphere

Age Past: The Incian Sphere

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Age Past is a fantasy RPG that incorporates a novel character creation and dice rolling mechanic. Age Past: The Incian Sphere was written to provide you a completely customized gaming experience. Characters are built using an archetype system that is only limited by your imagination. Cast from over 150 spells without restriction and select from over 140 powers. Most powers can be taken 4 times as your character levels so no two characters will ever be the same. The system encourages player balance so your character will be successful regarding her purpose and all characters will be equally important. The game's world is unique and open enough for a GM to tailor his own adventure yet has guidelines to keep expectations in check. Age Past also has many optional rules that allow you to further customize your gaming experience. Choose to use pulp gaming rules or high lethality... or both! Build your perfect hero and conquer the world. Incia awaits!Longbow (2-hand) hit: +1 parry: +2* type: piercing, ranged, backstab dam: 2 min str: 2 shield: tower range: 50a#39; (10a€) DUR: 2 cost: 50 gold A powerful ranged weapon, the longbow always uses a STR of 4 for damage purposes and gains +1 APanbsp;...

Title:Age Past: The Incian Sphere
Author:Jeff Mechlinski
Publisher:Strangelet Machine Games - 2013-10-01


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