Agenda-setting Dynamics in Canada

Agenda-setting Dynamics in Canada

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Why do public issues like the environment rise and fall in importanceover time? To what extent can the trends in salience be explained byreal-world factors? To what degree are they the product of interactionsbetween media content, public opinion, and policymaking? This booksurveys the development of eight issues in Canada over a decade --AIDS, crime, the debt/deficit, the environment, inflation, nationalunity, taxes, and unemployment -- to explore how the salience of issueschanges over time, and to examine why these changes are important toour understanding of everyday politics. Agenda-Setting Dynamics inCanada offers one of the first empirical analyses of theinteraction of the media, the public, and policymakers in Canada and, more generally, makes an important contribution to the study ofpolitical communications and policymaking well beyond the Canadiancontext.Political Studies 38(4): 710-17. Ditton, Jason, and James Duffy. 1983. Bias in the Newspaper Reporting of Crime News. British Journal of Criminology 23(2): 159- 65. Doan, Thomas A. 1996. RATS Usera#39;s Manual, Version 4. Evanston, IL: Estima anbsp;...

Title:Agenda-setting Dynamics in Canada
Author:Stuart Neil Soroka
Publisher:UBC Press - 2002


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