Agricultural and Industrial Applications Environmental Interactions

Agricultural and Industrial Applications Environmental Interactions

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Fungicides, Volume I: Agricultural and Industrial Applications, Environmental Interactions discusses the application, use, and environmental interactions of fungicides. This book is organized into 15 chapters that cover the commercial development of fungicide and the organism's interaction with the environment. After discussing the history of fungicides, the book presents data on world fungicide usage and how this usage is influenced by epidemiology. It then describes procedures and approaches for commercial fungicide development; practical tests and laboratory techniques for agricultural fungicide toxicity; and significance of fungicide formulation that is determined by a variety of factors, including cost and biological efficiency. The following chapters discuss technological evolution, both in chemical fungicides and in the machinery for their application for soil and seed treatment. The application of foliar and postharvest fungicides and the use of other fungicides as industrial and wood preservatives is also tackled. The last four chapters are concerned with the various interactions between fungicides and the environment which may cause them to be more or less effective. The book will be useful to researchers, advanced students, and professional workers in the fungicide field of study who are concerned with the synthesis and development of better fungicides or their mode of action.Ashworth, L. J., Jr., and Amin, J. V. (1964). A mechanism for mercury tolerance in fungi. Phytopathology ... Manual 23. Baker, K. F., and Snyder, W. C., eds. (1965). a€œEcology of Soil-borne Plant Pathogens.a€ Univ. of California Press, Berkeley, California. Bald, J. G., and ... Burchfield, H. P. (1959). ... A new method of calculating unsteady state diffusion coefficients in porous solids. J. Appl. Chem. 6 , 298a€”300anbsp;...

Title:Agricultural and Industrial Applications Environmental Interactions
Author:Dewayne Torgeson
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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