Agriculture at a Crossroads

Agriculture at a Crossroads

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The International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science, and Technology for Development (IAASTD) looks realistically at how we could effectively use agriculture/AKST to help us meet development and sustainability goals. An unprecedented three-year collaborative effort, the IAASTD involved more than 400 authors in 110 countries and cost more than $11 million. It report on the advances and setbacks of the past fifty years and offers options for the next fifty years. The results of the project are contained in seven reports: a Global Report, five regional Sub-Global Assessments, and a Synthesis Report. The Global Report gives the key findings of the Assessment, and the five Sub-Global Assessments address regional challenges. The volumes present options for action. All of the reports have been extensively peer-reviewed by governments and experts and all have been approved by a panel of participating governments. The Sub-Global Assessments all utilize a similar and consistent framework: examining and reporting on the impacts of AKST on hunger, poverty, nutrition, human health, and environmental/social sustainability. The five Sub-Global Assessments cover the following regions: a€cCentral and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA)a€cEast and South Asia and the Pacific (ESAP) a€cLatin America and the Caribbean (LAC) a€cNorth America and Europe (NAE) a€cSub-Saharan Africa (SSA)Squire, G.R., C. Hawes, D.A. Bohan, D.R. Brooks, G.T. Champion, and L.G. Firbank. 2005. ... Available at http:// www.worldagroforestryorg/units/library/ books /PDFs/O7_Agroforestry_a_decade_of _development.pdf. ... Stireman, J.O. III., L.A. Dyer, D.H. Janzen, M.S. Singer, J.T. Lill, R.J. Marquis et al. 2005. ... Improving agricultural extension: A reference manual. Rome ... 1991. Integrated weed management: The rationale and approach. Weed Tech. 5:657-663. Swift, M.J., and Anderson.

Title:Agriculture at a Crossroads
Author:Science, and Technology, International International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge
Publisher:Island Press - 2009-01-01


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