Ajax on Rails

Ajax on Rails

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Learn to build dynamic, interactive web applications using the two most important approaches to web development today: Ajax and the phenomenally efficient Ruby on Rails platform. This book teaches intermediate to advanced web developers how to use both Ajax and Rails to quickly build high-performance, scalable applications without being overwhelmed with thousands of lines of JavaScript code. More than just recipes, you also get a thorough, low-level understanding of what's happening under the hood. Ajax on Rails includes three fully worked out Rails/Ajax applications, and quick reference sections for Prototype and script.aculo.us. Testing lessons show you how to eliminate cross-browser JavaScript errors and DOM debugging nightmares using a combination of Firebug, and Venkman. Advanced material explains the most current design practices for Ajax usability. You'll learn to avoid user experience mistakes with proven design patterns. Beyond the how-to, Ajax on Rails helps you consider when Ajax is (and isn't) appropriate, and the trade-offs associated with it. For those new to Rails, this book provides a quick introduction, the big picture, a walk through the installation process, and some tips on getting started. If you've already started working with Rails and seek to deepen your skill set, you'll find dozens of examples drawn from real-world projects, exhaustive reference for every relevant feature, and expert advice on how to qAjaxifyq your applications.Dozens of JavaScript libraries have sprung up to make Ajax easier, and one of the most popular is Prototype, which is included with Rails. Wea#39;ll cover ... new Ajax.Request(a#39;/chapter2/myresponsea#39;, { onSuccess: function(request) { alert( request.

Title:Ajax on Rails
Author:Scott Raymond
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2007-01-03


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