Alien Future: The Golden Path

Alien Future: The Golden Path

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In 1898 Michael Townsend discovers an alien space-probe trapped under Canadian permafrost. Having never encountered a carbon-based being, the self-aware alien-probe believes Michael has suffered major injuries and a€œcuresa€ Michael by raising him to the mental and physical limits possible for a carbon-based being. In return the alien expects Michael to help it fulfill its mission. After learning the aliena€™s dark objective, Michael flees, and for decades perpetually young Michael stays one-step ahead of the aliena€™s agents. Now in 2037 Michael enlists the help of two remarkable women and a powerful android. Together they strive to defeat the aliena€™s agents before Michael is caught, and to destroy the alien before it escapes to complete its monstrous mission. Humanitya€™s fate hangs in the balance, but not in the way Michael believes. Will he discover the truth in time? Can he hope to defeat a self-aware probe built by an advanced alien race?a€œSend a car to the alley behind the Watson Hotel in Denver. Ia#39;m going to make an illegal ... Ralph needs repairs.a€ a€œYes, dear Michael.a€ ... Clairea#39;s magnacar was in the middle of the hotel parking lot with its doors still wide open. The limo was noanbsp;...

Title:Alien Future: The Golden Path
Author:W.R. Hagen
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-03-09


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