Alisa Merlin's Secrets to Lower Vet Bills

Alisa Merlin's Secrets to Lower Vet Bills

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In Alisa Merlin's Secrets to Lower Vet Bills, Alisa shows the average pet owner how to save money at the vet and improve the health and happiness of their pets. Alisa has over 25 years of experience as a Veterinary Technician and Pet Care Coach. Her inexpensive and easy to follow pet care tips, at-home treatments and nutritional guidance will help pets of all ages. Most pet owners never realize: All animals get fleas-even the cleanest, indoor only ones. The majority of pet owners are shortening the lives of their beloved companions by over vaccinating them. There are seven signs of a good veterinarian. A good vet will save you money. There are three questions to always ask your vet that will save you money and help you make any treatment decisions for your pet, even the ultimate one. Alisa's regular visits to the pets of the biggest stars in Hollywood have been instrumental to keeping their pets healthy. While not every pet owner can afford the same level of pampering, every owner can benefit from the same inexpensive, preventive care. qI am on a mission to enrich the lives of all pets by educating their human companions. I have four cats and two dogs. Everyday I deal with celebrity clients, temperamental vets, and LA freeways. I have been bitten, scratched and barked at, sometimes even by the animals.qI have seen tremendous improvement in their skin and coats and breath with the addition of home cooking. ... Keep the fat content low, and avoid pork, and poultry skin. ... Eating poop Dogs eat poop, either from cats or even their own.

Title:Alisa Merlin's Secrets to Lower Vet Bills
Author:Alisa Merlin
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-06


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