All Aboard for Second Grade Language Arts

All Aboard for Second Grade Language Arts

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All Aboard for Second Grade Language Arts - Student Edition provides comprehensive daily Lessons that incorporate a variety of creative, interactive activities. Lessons 1-180. Key Skills and Concepts: Spelling and Vocabulary: Compound words; Homophones; Antonyms: Plural words; Contractions; Common suffixes; Double letters; Capitalization. Phonics: VCe patterns; R controlled vowel patters. Grammar: Nouns; Pronouns; Verbs and verb tenses; Contractions. Reading: Short fiction; U.S. History, Science, Geography Informational texts; Biographies. Writing: The 5 step Writing Process; Journal reflections; Main idea; Comparing and contrasting.Lesson 147 Robbie the Red Robot Spelling words: dragonfly daylight understand Cardboard tiptoe Chestnut moonlight WindoWSill fireWorks Candlestick Key Vocabulary: island, vaporize, magnetize, souvenirs Write each Vocabulary word.

Title:All Aboard for Second Grade Language Arts
Author:Amy Mazolla, Kelly Wells
Publisher:Complete Curriculum - 2015-02-01


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