All About Cigars: Tips for the Novice Smoker

All About Cigars: Tips for the Novice Smoker

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Learn All the Things About Cigars! If you are a smoker, you can always see the package label of each cigarette pack that says, a€œCigarette is Dangerous to your healtha€. But still, people used to smoke despite of this awareness. Anyway, this is not what all is about. This e-book will educate you the all-around information about cigars. Here's what you will find inside this book: a€c A Short History of Cigars and Tobacco a€c The Parts of a Cigar a€c All Styles and Sizes: The Basic Types of Cigars a€c Cigar Flavors a€c Best Cigars for Beginners a€c Cigar Purchasing a€c Drugstore Cigars: A Good Buy? a€c Tasting the World: Cigars from Different Countries a€c How to Purchase Cigars from Cuba a€c How to Spot Fake Cuban Cigars a€c Cigar Smoking 101 a€c Cigar Storage a€c And Much More...While cigars have been democratized, liquor remains a supplemental pleasuretothem. Equippedwith the ... It goes without saying that yourown ... Keep in mind however;this rule is more usefulfor avoidingmistakesthan for discovering sublime new marriages ofdrink and cigar. ... Cigar Storage The Humidor As a proud owner of.

Title:All About Cigars: Tips for the Novice Smoker
Author:Ralph Jacobs
Publisher:MaxHouse - 2014-07-29


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