All about Coffee

All about Coffee

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The evolution of a cup of coffee; Dealing with the etymology of coffee; History of coffee propagation; Early history of coffee drinking; Introduction of coffee into Western Europe; Beginnings of coffee in France; Introduction of coffee into England, Holland, Germany; Telling how coffee came to Vienna; Coffee houses to oud London; History on the early parisian coffee houses; Introduction of coffe into North America; History of coffe in old New York, Philadelphia; Botany of the coffe plant; Microscopy of the coffee fruit; Chemistry of the coffee bean; Pharmacology of the coffee drink; Commercial coffee of the world; Cultivation of the coffee plant; Preparing green coffee por market; Production and consumption of coffee; How green coffes are bought and sold; Green and boasted coffee characteristics; Factory preparation of roasted coffee; Wholesale merchandising of coffee; Retail merchandising of roasted coffee; Short history of coffee advertising; Coffee trade in the United States; Development of the green roasted coffee; Some big men and notable achievements; History of coffee in literature; Evolution of coffee apparatus; Worl's coffee manners and customs.Grinding and Packaging Coffee Unless the coffee is to be sold in the bean, it is sent to the grinding and packing department, ... coffee; the second, a pulverizer for making a really fine grind; and the third, a grinding mill for general factory work and ... The term does not necessarily mean that the grinding mills have steel burrs.

Title:All about Coffee
Author:William Harrison Ukers
Publisher:Library of Alexandria - 1935


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