All About Weeds

All About Weeds

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Pigweed, dogbane, crabgrass, spiderwort, poison ivy, yellow docka€”a total of 102 common weeds are presented with technical precision and humor. Each is splendidly illustrated and identified through multiple keys by means of physical characteristics, type of soil, etc.Look for this weed in rich ground, in the garden, in lots, and especially in bottom fields where the plow failed to do its duty. ... as are the large deeply 3a€”lobed leaves, the lobes oval-lanceolate and serrate; petioles margi-ned; fruit obovoid, 5 -6-ribbed and tubercled. ... It is not quite as bad as wild garlic as a milk flavor, but it is a close second to the sneeze weed, a weed that makes milk taste like quinine .

Title:All About Weeds
Author:Edwin R. Spencer
Publisher:Courier Corporation - 2013-07-24


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