All in a Row

All in a Row

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A serial killer loose in New York City, targeting pretty, young women. Detective John Keegan returns to hunt down a killer aiming at those very close to him. All in a Row weaves murder, suspicion and betrayal into a thrilling tale of mystery. Someone's killing pretty young women in New York City. As the victims rise in number the media tags it as the beginning of a 'Serial Summer, and the mayor wants a quick solution during an election year. When a Senator's granddaughter becomes the latest victim, the intensity rises. Fresh from the case that nearly ended his career, Keegan gets thrust into a series of murders looking more and more like the workings of the serial killer that the media is talking about. The mayor fears the murders will affect his successful anti-crime initiative. Keegan's boss, passed over for a promotion, is eager to put this case to rest and secure a position higher up in the department. To make matters worse, Keegan's partner, Rick Calhill, is distracted by problems at home. At first he attempts to close the case prematurely, then, he disengages himself from the investigation, leaving Keegan to come to his own conclusions about the case and his partner. Before he solves the case, Keegan will be forced to analyze everything about his life and the people he trusts most. He won't like the results. All in a Row hits with fast-paced action and the intricacies of homicide investigation in a fresh tale of murder and betrayal.Ia#39;d make my decision about Spiegel after we interrogated him, something I was totally against but knew was inevitable. ... He was a nice guy but he was real hard to look at. ... She was dressed in a pair of khaki pants and a white blouse that was just tight enough to accentuate her seemingly fake breasts. They were too round to be real, I deduced. She was a good-looking woman but she wasna#39;t my type.

Title:All in a Row
Author:John Misak
Publisher:Empire Strikes Press - 2014-01-28


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