All Romances, Volume 1, My Soul Wasn't My Own

All Romances, Volume 1, My Soul Wasn't My Own

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In this steamy volume of All Romances you'll find twice as many tales of love and betrayal. In qThe Whole Town Talkedq a congressman's fiancAce finds out the hard way who her politician's really voting for. A pro sports career takes priority in a new marriage in qLove Left Outq. Watch out for your cousin who might try to steal your man in qRomance Wreckerq. A glamorous celebrity double falls for the director in qDon't Break My Heart Againq. Hot tips for 50's gals are found in qShort-cuts to Glamorq. A woman paid to entertain falls for one of her clients in qDime-a-Dance Girlq. A woman takes a new job to test a flame, but finds a new one in qOutsiderq. All Romances is a series of soap opera stories published in 1949. While the qscandalousq stories described are more endearing than naughty you'll still enjoy reading old-fashioned romances in a more prudish time than 50 shades. Enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the best titles from the golden age of comics. Yojimbo Press has lovingly remastered these timeless classics with vivid color correction and image restorationIf your eyes are too close together, shape your eyebrows so that they begin at least half an inch from the bridge of your nose, ... If your natural brows are too short, extend the line inconspicuoust with an eyebrow pencil. To make a broad face look thinner, use bright rouge, applying it high on your cheekbones and close_to your nose, and blending it very lightly out on your cheeks, with no color past the center. ... A deep shade, with brown_0r.purplish undertongs, makes lips look smaller.

Title:All Romances, Volume 1, My Soul Wasn't My Own
Author:Yojimbo Press LLC, Ace Comics
Publisher:Yojimbo Press LLC - 1949-08-01


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