Allied International Special Forces

Allied International Special Forces

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a€œOur job, ladies and gentlemen, is not to fight on the front lines, but to protect those fighting on the front lines by foiling the most evil of plans set forth by tyrants to wipe them out.a€ -Major General Dale Baker: Commanding Officer of AISF The year is 1943 and as the Second World War grinds on, Marine Lieutenant John Tanner returns home from the Pacific. Major General Dale Baker, a friend of the Tanner family, sends John a telegram urging him to serve with The Allied International Special Forces (AISF) in Europe. Johna€™s first mission is to rescue imprisoned Prussian aristocrat Annabelle von Koenig; considered a traitor by Nazi paramilitary division The Midnight Wolves led by Field Marshal Konrad Schneider and his daughter Bertilda. Konrad, bitter over Germanya€™s defeat in the First World War is nearly ready to unveil a secret from mysterious Fortress Island, a secret that could spell doom for the allied forces.Echo consisted of the following personnel: Private First Class Ace Bailey a€“ Detroit , Michigan a€“ Call sign: Mute. Private Eddie Haynes a€“ Augusta, Maine a€“ Call sign: Zippo. Private Gary Zimmerman a€“ Helena, Montana a€“ Call sign: Badger.

Title:Allied International Special Forces
Author:Ares Tremaine
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-09-30


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