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Almendro is a true story about the life of the author and how so much can go so wrong in a short time. We all have dreams but how many come to pass? Laura had two. She wanted a good marriage and a happy home for the two families that tried to blend together to become one. Her second dream was to live out the Golden Years on an exotic island in the Caribbean. She got her first wish when she married Jim but he wasna€™t what she wanted to believe he was. Laura got her second wish when the couple moved to that exotic island when they retired. It was here where the bottom fell out of both dreams and for Laura the struggle to survive began. Jim met Sheila before Laura ran off to Dominica with Gavin. Sheila wanted Lauraa€™s life and everything she and Jim owned and Jim wanted to destroy his wife in any way he could. He joined forces with the psychopathic woman who betrayed him from the beginning but he was too blinded by need and revenge to see it. When Sheila realized Laura was a threat to her plan, there was only one choice to make. Get rid of Laura. Forced to live in isolation in fear for her life, Laura lived alone in the jungles of Dominica until she met the man who captured her heart and saved her life in many ways. The Afro Caribbean people took her into their care and taught her what she needed to know and gave her the strength to carry on. When Jim died mysteriously, Laura didna€™t have to ask how or why. She put on her armour, picked up her sword and returned to the island she once called home. She declared war on Sheila and was willing to die to keep her dream.aquot;Seron why in the name of roaring thunder were you on the roof in a hurricane? ... We fired up the jeep and set out for the village to help others who werena#39;t as fortunate as we were. ... The roof was still in place but would need repair soon.

Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-09-17


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