Almost A Failure

Almost A Failure

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For seventeen years I lived in Americas first housing projects. Ia€™ve witnessed in full contrast the struggles of living in poverty the drugs and the everyday violence. Statistics read that I would never see the year two thousand because of qBlack on black crimeq. In the nineteen eighties throughout the mid nineties, seven out of ten African American males were dying because of Black on Black crime. My story is one that is rarely told or heard coming from the projects, in the voice of a precarious child to a dysfunctional teenager, and a spiritually broken young man. As people we love to reminisce and we all have those memories that are forever burned into our mind. Some memories make us feel emotional either happy or sad. Then some people are witnesses to some things in life and those memories haunt them. I'm a witness and those memories are now a part of my testimony in a unique read titled qAlmost A Failure, my life without Jesus Christ. My proposed title a€œAlmost a Failurea€ will take the reader inside my life and my family. This book will give inspiration and spiritual motivation to the young adults, teens, and the adults from my generation and those who love to read real life testimonies. I also discuss two controversial topics. The a€œhip-hopa€ industry and politics and religion, my endeavors in the music business and how politics and religion affect the way we live in Black America.My cousin and I thought we were the ghetto a€œMacGyvera#39;s.a€ We made everything from homemade guns to bombs. We made spoke ... I earned what was called a€œ Stripesa€ a Private could get stripes to be a Platoon Guide or a row leader. When I anbsp;...

Title:Almost A Failure
Author:Joseph C. Martin
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-12-29


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