Almost Anorexic

Almost Anorexic

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qDetermine if your eating behaviors are a problem, develop strategies to change unhealthy patterns, and learn when and how to get professional help when needed with this practical, engaging guide to taking care of yourself when you are not a full-blown anorexic. Every day millions of us struggle with eating. We stand at the mirror wondering how we can face the day when we look so fat. We over-exercise. We skip meals, go on fad diets, and scan labels for qfat free.q Still, we are never thin enough. Sitting down to a meal feels like facing a battle. Many of us suffer from the symptoms and effects of anorexia, but never address the issue because we don't fully meet the diagnostic criteria. One major study estimates that while 1 in 200 adults have experienced the full anorexia syndrome, as many as 1 in 20 have exhibited at least some of the key symptoms..If this is the case for you, then you may be qalmost anorexicq. With this groundbreaking book, you can get help for yourself or a loved one. Drawing on case studies and the latest research, eating disorder experts Jennifer Thomas and Jenni Schaefer give you the skills to: Understand the symptoms of almost anorexia and its place on the spectrum from normal eating behaviors to a full-blown eating disorder Determine if you (or your loved one's) relationship with food is a problem Gain insight on how to intervene with a loved one Discover proven strategies to change unhealthy eating patterns Learn when and how to get professional help when it's neededq--Later, Victorian a€œfasting girlsa€ became another miraculous example of the bodya#39;s alleged ability to live without water or food. But famous faster ... The contemporary admiration of individuals with anorexia nervosa takes this phenomenon a step further. Even though ... If you have never felt this way, it might sound a bit crazy.

Title:Almost Anorexic
Author:Jennifer J. Thomas, Jenni Schaefer
Publisher:Hazelden Publishing - 2013


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