Alpesh B. Patel on Stock Futures

Alpesh B. Patel on Stock Futures

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This book is for all stock traders, and some longer-term investors, who are interested in learning about one of the most efficient instruments for short-term trading: stock futures.Alpesh B. Patel explains everything you need to know about stock futures, from basic characteristics to practical trading strategies. He highlights their special advantages, especially as a low-cost way of gaining exposure to non-UK equities, and shows how they can be employed to enhance returns and control portfolio risk.The book is divided into the following sections: - Essentials of stock futures- Trading stock futures- Trading strategies- Risk and money management- Directory of stock futures resources- AppendicesNo previous experience of futures is assumed, and no great knowledge of mathematics is required.Stock futures are growing rapidly in popularity, both in the UK and in continental markets. To trade them successfully, you need to understand how they work. This book provides that knowledge.Fundamental Investors Profile Requirements The pure fundamental trader will consider charts to be nonsense. Most are willing to examine them and may supplement their fundamental analysis with some technical analysis. Intermittent use ofanbsp;...

Title:Alpesh B. Patel on Stock Futures
Author:Alpesh B. Patel
Publisher:Harriman House Limited - 2003-09


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