Aluminum-silicon Casting Alloys

Aluminum-silicon Casting Alloys

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This atlas provides an in-depth understanding of the metallurgy and fracture behavior of aluminum-silicon casting alloys, which are used in a wide variety of automotive, aerospace, and consumer product applications. The atlas includes over 300 high-definition microfractographs of fracture profiles and fracture surfaces, accompanied with detailed descriptions and analysis of the fracture features and their significance in the selection, processing, properties, and performance of the alloy. The microfractographs are described and classified according to criteria described in detail in the introductory chapters in the book. The factors determining the fracture mechanism in these alloys, on the basis of their physical and mechanical properties and fracture mechanics, are described and analyzed. The set of micrographs in this atlas include several unique features: classification according to the alloy and its processing history, detailed analysis of selected microregions of the fracture surface, reference of the fracture features to the phase constituents of the alloy, and high resolution and high microscopic magnification of the SEM images. This book will be of great value to anyone involved in the selection, processing, application, testing, or evaluation of aluminum-silicon castings. The target audience includes metallurgists, foundry personnel, failure analysts, purchasers of castings, researchers in physical and mechanical metallurgy, students, and educators.The light microscope is a useful tool to make fracture profile observations, on specially prepared metallographic microsections (Ref 1a€“4). 2.1.2 Fracture Surface Observations by Electron Microscopy TransmissionElectronMicroscopy( TEM).

Title:Aluminum-silicon Casting Alloys
Author:Malgorzata Warmuzek
Publisher:ASM International - 2004-01-01


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