Amazing You: Face and Hand Reading

Amazing You: Face and Hand Reading

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qI've always hated my nose. The way it looks, and the fact that it's so big. When I was little I'd do drawings of smiling faces with no noses. My parents and teachers would always remind me to draw the nose, but I never did. The way I see my nose has changed since I started face reading. If only I'd known sooner that having a long nose is pretty cool.q - Sarah, 12 You can learn the most amazing things by simply using your face and hands (and a little help from this book). You see faces everyday but do you really look at them? Face reading helps you to analyse every feature, line and shape and work out what they say about your personality, relationships and future destiny. Hand reading, or palmistry, is another brilliant way to find out all about you and your friends and family. By looking at your whole hand, fingers and thumbs, and lines on your palms you'll see just how useful and informative hand reading can be in your everyday life. Face and Hand Reading shows you how you can change your life by discovering just how incredible and unique you are. It is part of our stunning new Mind Body Spirit series for teenage girls - Amazing You.They can be particularly helpful, as youa#39;ll find out in Part three, when making decisions about work and money and even when choosing a date. ... If your cheeks are prominent, this goes with the kind of person who likes to stand out in the crowd. ... If your cheekbones are lower, it means that you are more flexible, tolerant and open minded. ... People who have this trait are often considered natural leaders.

Title:Amazing You: Face and Hand Reading
Author:Theresa Cheung
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-01-05


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