America on Record

America on Record

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With Thomas Edison's invention of the phonograph, the beautiful music that was the preserve of the wealthy became a mass-produced consumer good, cheap enough to be available to all. In 1877 Edison dreamed that one day there would be a talking machine in every home. America on Record: A History of Recorded Sound, first published in 2006, provides a history of sound recording from the first thin sheet of tinfoil that was manipulated into retaining sound to the home recordings of rappers in the 1980s and the high-tech studios of the 1990s. This book examines the important technical developments of acoustic, electric, and digital sound reproduction while outlining the cultural impact of recorded music and movies. This second edition updates the story, describing the digital revolution of sound recording with the rise of computers, Napster, DVD, MP3, and iPod.There was a significant delay before film producers began to issue their movies on DVDs, which made many ... It promised a surge of revenue as consumers replaced their VHS collection with DVDs, just like the boom days of the 1980s whenanbsp;...

Title:America on Record
Author:Andre Millard
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2005-12-05


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