America transformed

America transformed

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Globalization--the interconnection of the world culturally, socially, politically, and economically--has generated intense theoretical and practical concerns. Is globalization inevitable? What are the effects of globalization on social structures and individual perceptions? What is the effect of globalization on societal level inequality? America Transformed: Globalization, Inequality, and Power examines these questions by analyzing the links among global processes and shifting patterns of stratification, inequality, and social mobility in the United States. While many texts separate discussions of macro- and micro-level processes when examining globalization, this book skillfully integrates general macro-level processes with specific reference to the micro-level effects of globalization in the U.S. Exploring the critical dimensions of inequality--class, gender, and immigration--America Transformed situates the U.S. experience within the broader global context, and fleshes out the mechanism through which global processes affect social stratification. By examining the social construction of globalization, the authors identify the key policy challenges of globalization, and some of the innovative community-based responses to social inequality. America Transformed provides powerful insights into the contested dialectical relationship between global and local forces: how globalization shapes stratification and inequality in the U.S., and how local communities attempt to mediate those changes.The No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization. London: Verso Press. Elson ... Evans, Peter. 2000. Counter-hegemonic globalization: Transnational networks as political tools for fighting marginalization. ... The global alternative. American ... Berkeley: Berkeley Media. ... Nancy Foner, Ruben G. Rumbaut, and Steven J. Gold, 1-43.

Title:America transformed
Author:Gary J. Hytrek, Kristine M. Zentgraf
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2008


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