America Under Fire

America Under Fire

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This book was written to hopefully make people aware of the fact, that there are different ways of looking at thinks. Of courser this does not apply to every situation and circumstance that arises. However, I believe it applies enough, that people should start to consider this different approach to looking at things when certain situations come up. First, is a strategy which could hopefully keep us from getting bogged down in anymore long draw out guerrilla war (Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan). The way we are presently staying in places like this for about 10 years allowing our soldiers, and marines to get picked off one at a time by IEDii½s, is unacceptable. This sacrifice, is further insulted by the fact, that shortly after our military leaves the country we tried to help, it usually falls apart. Second, I know very little about the economy, however, Iii½ve come up with 2 ideas that I believe will be beneficial for the American people to start to think about and consider. Third, racism in America, there is another side to racism in this country and not being aware of it (weather your white, black, red, or yellow) I believe is more of a negative then a positive.Ia#39;ll give you an example of why these high salaries can no longer be justified and how people should start looking at them. ... He probably only made about thirty thousand dollars per year, if that much. ... Why would an actor, someone whoa#39;s just making believe theya#39;re him, get paid more than the guy who actually did it?

Title:America Under Fire
Author:Jim Romeo
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-02-03


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