America! What Happened?

America! What Happened?

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Most of the people leading the United States of America graduated from the best colleges and universities, and you'd think they'd be capable of making wise decisions. But most of our founding fathers didn't attend Harvard, Yale or any other institution of higher learning; they made decisions using common sense-and perhaps a little help from God. Abraham Lincoln learned to read from the Bible. That's the kind of leadership we need today, but most politicians refuse to seek advice from the Lord or even the everyday Americans they're supposed to represent. We can't just blame them-we're the ones who sit back and allow them to make bad decisions. The first step to solving the problems we face before they overwhelm us begins with understanding them. Find out where we've gone wrong and how to do your part to get the country back on track in America! What Happened?The ultimate socialist part of Social Security is how they calculate benefits. ... pays 6.2 percent or $2, 790 a year in Social Security makes half the benefits of a person making $90, 000 a year, you will be wrong! ... because they use the payments from the higher-income worker to increase the benefits for the lower- income worker. This is socialism and redistribution of wealth. When you listen to the Democrats discuss how great the Social Security system is and explain how many of theanbsp;...

Title:America! What Happened?
Author:Doug Dickenson - 2014-07-30


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