American Aid to NATO Allies in the 1950s

American Aid to NATO Allies in the 1950s

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The Marshall Plan was not the only aid program to Western Europe set up by the United States after the Second World War. In addition to the economic assistance, the United States supplied the European countried with military equipment under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program. American Aid to NATO Allies in the 1950s examines the impact of this aid program on the multilateral cooperation w within the alliance. Military assistance provided the Americans with a leverage to enforce assent from her partners. The focal point of this book is the bilateral relationship between the United States and the Netherlands. On the basis of archive investigations in the Netherlands, the United States, and Great Britain, the study analyzes the consequences of the introduction of American equipment in the Dutch armed forces. The author deals with the political and military as well as the technical and organizational aspects of thie Americanization.capacity from Vi ton to a heavy 12 ton US M20 type; the most well known were the a#39;Jimmya#39;sa#39;, a 2Vi ton GMC truck. ... The Dutch army used an American manual to compute the orders as there were no statistics available to use Dutch norms. The adoption of the American system of maintenance and US stock control system represents one more example of how the Dutch armed forces changed to theanbsp;...

Title:American Aid to NATO Allies in the 1950s
Author:Ine Megens
Publisher:Thesis Pub - 1994


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