American Cinema of the 1990s

American Cinema of the 1990s

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With the U.S. economy booming under President Bill Clinton and the cold war finally over, many Americans experienced peace and prosperity in the nineties. Digital technologies gained popularity, with nearly one billion people online by the end of the decade. The film industry wondered what the effect on cinema would be. The essays in American Cinema of the 1990s examine the big-budget blockbusters and critically acclaimed independent films that defined the decade. The 1990s' most popular genre, action, channeled anxieties about global threats such as AIDS and foreign terrorist attacks into escapist entertainment movies. Horror films and thrillers were on the rise, but family-friendly pictures and feel-good romances netted big audiences too. Meanwhile, independent films captured hearts, engaged minds, and invaded Hollywood: by decade's end every studio boasted its own qart filmq affiliate.One much-hyped aspect of independent featuresa€”working on bare- bones budgetsa€”is extremely misleading to the ... Rodriguez was a€œdiscovereda€ while in the editing stage of his film (actually while making a videotape rough version), and ... the cost of optical effects (such as fades and dissolves), the remixing of all sound including extensive Foley (sound ... The myth of El Mariachi also omits that Rodriguez borrowed rather than rented his equipment, that he shot a type of film that didanbsp;...

Title:American Cinema of the 1990s
Author:Chris Holmlund
Publisher:Rutgers University Press - 2008


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